Ruth E. Hinkle

Ruth as a little girl. She's White and dressed in a pink princess dress with a crown and a wand.

Writer. Sci-Fi & Fantasy Lover. Database Nerd.

Ghostwriter & Copywriter


I work with content creators and solo entrepreneurs to deliver their voice to their audiences. I specialize in writing email campaigns, website copy, and blogs. I work with people who bring their passions, expertise, and authentic selves to the front.

Head Writer & Producer

Dark Trek Podcast

Dark Trek is an afro-futuristic journey into the unknown, where power, identity, and the consequences of technology collide. Our story centers black and brown voices in a genre that too often ignores or marginalizes them.

Media Reviewer

The Internet

I know that stories matter. They inspire us to imagine brighter futures, explore possibilities, and see ourselves clearly. I like talking about stories. And keeping lists. So...I rate and review every show, movie, and book I encounter.