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Welcome, you made it! I’m glad you’re here. First off, you should know that I want to hear from you. If you liked something I wrote, I’d love your feedback. If you have an alternate perspective on one of my posts, tell me! I can only grow as much as I learn. Please do be respectful of others and their views, especially if you disagree with them*. I appreciate your help on this one.

On the home page, you’ll notice three featured pages: The BlogWands for All Ages, and Hire Me. The first (as I hope you’ve already guessed) is focused on my written perspective of the world around me and some creative writing. Wands for All Ages is linked to my Etsy shop, where I sell wands that I’ve created for all of your wizarding needs. The third is my lifeline to textbook money for my college education. If you’re in the Indianapolis area and you need someone to water your garden, house sit, or work on a short term writing project, let me know!

And with that, I leave you to it!

(If you were hoping to learn about me, try here.)

*I will delete offensive or inappropriate comments directed towards other readers and commenters. Say what you like about me, but be considerate of other guests.

I’m still learning what I’m supposed to be doing here. I knew that if I waited to KNOW what to do, I’d never start. Thanks for bearing with me as I figure things out! You might also want to know that I like changing things up on a regular basis so…don’t get too comfy.


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