About Ruth

I thrive in the “between” spaces where people, ideas, and organizations meet. In college, my favorite semesters were the ones where different course themes overlapped and interacted with each other.

Designing programs and running events became part of my life during high school. As a member of a volunteer committee, I learned to run conferences, workshops, and interactive worship services. I found that I was as moved by creating experiences for others as I was having such experiences myself. That early practice led to an internship in events planning where I honed my skills and collaborated with teams, rather than individuals.

Writing, likewise, gave me joy. Expressing myself through written word seemed natural and comfortable. Now, I use that skill on behalf of organizations through newsletters, social media, web copy, and print materials. Writing well is often the most challenging and fulfilling task I undertake.

It may seem odd to include my faith in my professional toolkit. My faith, however, served as the sandbox in which I tested many of the skills I now possess. Most of my leadership positions, though not all of my employed positions, are related to Unitarian Universalism.

What I Do

Events Planning & Logistics

Program  & Worship Design

Writing & Digital Media

Unitarian Universalism

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