What if we wanted bridging youth leaders to continue their work?

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Hazel Gabe wrote a beautiful love note to Unitarian Universalist young adults everywhere. It’s full of tenderness, love, pain, and hope. She envisions a religion where youth leaders have leadership roles waiting for them as they emerge into young adulthood.

In her own words:

“What if instead of youth leaders bridging and seeing no future for themselves, we had opportunities for them to create programming as young adults and actually paid them for their skills?

Or, what if bridgers knew there were roles within an adult community waiting for them – community development roles, roles within a circle-style community, roles that valued the skills and understandings they acquired in RE or youth ministry?

What if their skills as raised-UU adults, youth leaders, bridgers, OWL graduates, RE graduates, or circle-style worship leaders were recognized, welcomed, and made use of by an adult church community that valued those things too?”

Read the rest here. You won’t be disappointed.

Posted with permission of the author, Hazel Gabe.

Acronym Breakdown

RE- Religious Education, UU- Unitarian Universalist, UUYAN- Unitarian Universalist Young Adult Network, CUC Canadian Unitarian Council, CUC ACM- Canadian Unitarian Council Annual Council Meeting

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